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Jill Gould receives The Estée Lauder Companies' Leonard A. Lauder Volunteer Leader of the Year Award

Jill Gould, former Director of Global Education for Origins, received the Leonard A. Lauder Volunteer Leader of the Year Award on February 27, 2012 for her seven year commitment to developing Origins Oasis, a branded volunteer program in partnership with Project Sunshine.

Project Sunshine Volunteer - Jill Gould & Mr. Leonard Lauder

The newly unveiled award celebrates an individual who has inspired and led fellow employees to make an impact through volunteerism. Jill Gould has been involved with Project Sunshine since 2005 when she was asked by the Origins president at the time to create a branded Origins volunteer program in collaboration with Project Sunshine, which had a spa program in hospitals to service parents of children with medical challenges. Jill transformed this program, now entitled Origins Oasis, to include massage techniques with Origins products using trained Origins employees as the volunteer base.

Project Sunshine Volunteer - Jill Gould in action

Jill has been a driving force for this program that has transformed hospital conference rooms and playrooms into a "spa–like" experience, and helped sick children by providing much-needed support to their caregivers. There are now 18 medical facilities in the tri-state area currently being serviced by a core team of volunteers.

Jill will tell you that volunteering and helping others is a constant source of inspiration to her. By volunteering, Jill is able to put her own life's stresses in perspective, which in turn helps her to be a better leader. When someone compliments her efforts with Project Sunshine or other volunteer efforts, she says: "It gives me more than I could ever give it."

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