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Volunteer Spotlight: Wendi Litt

September 1, 2017

For the past decade, Project Sunshine has been lucky to have Wendi Litt as a volunteer and Chapter Leader at Ronald McDonald of House New York. Once a month, Wendi plans a homecooked meal including multiple entrees, sides, and dessert for about 50 kids and families.

When asked what keeps her volunteering with Project Sunshine, Wendi sites the families at Ronald McDonald House as well as the volunteers who have become regulars at her program. She adds, "I really enjoy the personal satisfaction of seeing the residents being happy and really enjoying the meal...we all tend to take having a home cooked meal for granted and don't realize how it has the power to make someone feel special, happy, and cared for."

With ten years of programming under her belt, Wendi has countless memories of families at Ronald McDonald House. One stood out to her for the impact that a small gesture made.

"A mother of a sick child came up to me and told me that her son hadn't wanted to eat for a few days, but when he tasted our meatballs he loved them so much he asked for seconds. You could see the relief and happiness on the mother's face."

With her giving nature and unwavering commitment, Wendi embodies the spirit and the mission of Project Sunshine. She understands that her time and efforts are valuable, no matter how small they may seem. According to Wendi, "Many people don't volunteer because they don't think that they will able to make a difference. The problem is that people forget that even the smallest action can cause a ripple effect of change. One small meatball brought relief, and got that child to eat. Eating could have made him stronger and helped give him the energy to fight his cancer and in turn beat his cancer."

Here at Project Sunshine, Wendi is the type of volunteer we hope to have walk through our doors and keep us all inspired every day. We can only hope that she will be around for another decade with innumerable ripple effects. Thank you, Wendi!

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