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Programs: Sending Sunshine


Assembling Packages for Children in Medical Facilities

Project Sunshine volunteers assemble Creative Arts & Crafts activity packages, create Sunny Gram cards, organize toy and book drives and sew Surgi Dolls and other materials for children facing medical challenges. Upon completion, these items are sent to local pediatric medical facilities that have requested them for their young patients.

Creative Arts & Craft Kits

Volunteers create and assemble Creative Arts & Crafts Kit packages, which are used by young patients during long hours of hospital stays when volunteers and professionals cannot be present. Each package contains educational and fun items that will bring much needed relief from the anxiety of hospitalization and a welcome chance for children to explore their creativity.

Sunny Grams

Sunny Grams are unique greeting cards that send sunshine and cheer into the hospital setting. Corporate volunteers decorate these cards and send them to hospitalized children and their families.

Surgi Dolls

Volunteers sew and create Surgi Dolls, which help children prepare for surgery and other medical procedures. Child Life Specialists or Doctors may demonstrate where an incision will be made or which body parts will be treated by drawing or using play medical tools on the Surgi Doll. The dolls are left blank so that each child can color, decorate and make the doll his or her own. Children are able to keep the doll as a companion through their hospital stay.

In addition, Project Sunshine provides hospitals and medical facilities with periodic shipments of toys, books, child–friendly Band–Aids, hand–knit caps and blankets, baby items and more.

How do I get involved?

Please contact or call Project Sunshine at (212) 354-8035.


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