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At Project Sunshine every donation has a story; every story has a face; every face has a name...

Meet Christy, who had been waiting patiently in a hospital for a new heart. As her 13th birthday approached with no prospects of a donor, Christy and her family were becoming more exhausted and scared with each passing day. When Project Sunshine volunteers asked what she would like for her birthday, Christy said, "I want my mom to have something special. I feel guilty that my medical condition has put such stress on her and our family."

Fundraising GraphicOn Christy´s birthday, Project Sunshine made her a "Star for the Day." Volunteers arrived at the hospital with a hair stylist, a tiara, arts and crafts, and special gifts for the young patient. But volunteers did not stop there. While Christy was getting her hair styled, volunteers gave her mother a massage and facial as part of Project Sunshine’s spa program for caregivers.

A few months later, she received a new heart. After enjoying the last of many programs during her hospitalization, Christy reflected, "Project Sunshine showed my mom and me how to be stronger and to not be afraid and that I would make it through. It gave us strength."

Project Sunshine knows the importance of being there to help pediatric patients and families in need. As Christy´s mother said, "Project Sunshine really helped Christy feel special and showed her that there are people who truly care about her and all sick children."

Fundraising Graphic

Now we need your help so Project Sunshine can reach even more children, parents and siblings.

Each year, Project Sunshine brings educational, recreational, arts and social service programs to 230 medical facilities in 175 cities nationwide and internationally.

To address the recent devastations caused by Hurricane Sandy, Project Sunshine is mobilizing volunteers to provide food, warm clothes and activity packets to patients and families who have the added burden of lost or damaged homes.

Please give as generously as you can to help us bring hope and joy to brave, young patients and their families in the coming year.

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Beatrice Kernan
Executive Director