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Our Team

Project Sunshine Director Beatrice Kernan

A Message From The Executive Director
"It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Project Sunshine’s dedicated Board of Directors, talented staff, and inspiring volunteers. Together we will deepen and expand our impact, bringing 'sunshine' to children in need, by restoring a sense of normalcy in cold hospital halls and eliciting from brave and generous-spirited pediatric patients joy, inner courage and coping skills necessary to confront challenges ahead.”

Read Beatrice's Bio & Press Release


Project Sunshine Leadership

Beatrice Kernan, Executive Director

Christine Lackowski, Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Stamm, Philanthropic and Special Events Advisor

Caitlin Moses, Program Director

Naomi Remis Sugar, Program Director

Kate Amanna, Program Director


Project Sunshine Staff

Wallis Ahern, Development Assistant

Megan Carley, Senior Program Coordinator

Allison Filler, Program Coordinator

Mark Holcomb, Office Manager

Katie Hurley, Senior Program Coordinator

Jing Li, Associate Program Manager

Tara Pokras, Senior Program Coordinator

Lauren Sauma, Senior Program Coordinator

Mariko Sugimori, Senior Program Coordinator

Jessica Timms, Senior Development Associate

Lauren Valletutti, Program Assistant


Special Projects

Sally Cook, Special Advisor, Project Sunshine Book Club


Project Sunshine International

Robert Windrum, Executive Director, Project Sunshine Canada

Sara Da Silva-Abraham, Program & Events Coordinator, Project Sunshine Canada

Shannon Miller, Special Events Coordinator, Project Sunshine Canada

Lihi Belleli, Program Coordinator, Project Sunshine Israel

Ariela Federman, Program Coordinator, Project Sunshine Israel

Dennis Ngui, Program Coordinator, Project Sunshine Kenya

For Project Sunshine Kenya inquiries, please contact:

Naomi Sugar

For Project Sunshine China inquiries, please contact:

Jing Li


Project Sunshine Founder

Joseph Weilgus

Project Sunshine Video

Project Sunshine in Action

View our video of volunteers, families and staff in action.

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